Deathlayer (Westfaelischer Totelager) Chicks (Straight Run)


Deathlayer will charm you with their foraging antics and the folkloric daily white egg they’re rumored to lay until their final day.


A land race breed, Deathlayer (Westfaelischer Totelager) earned their folkloric literal translation by being rumored to lay an egg a day until their death. In my experience they can stop laying like other breeds when the daylight dips, but they have been my first breed to start laying again around winter solstice.

Either way, these lively birds have much to offer while alive! As a landrace breed, Deathlayer are the product of adaptation in a particular region over time, and are not your average domestic chicken. Sometimes considered flighty, these heritage birds are great foragers and are very predator aware. They enjoy high perches, growling at each other like little dinosaurs, roosting in branches— they’ll add some personality to any flock. They lay lovely white eggs similar in size and shape to legbar.

Before ordering, please be sure to read our policies page. This listing is for a breeding trio (male + two unrelated females) plus a pullet offspring. Local pick-up only in Xenia, Ohio.


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