(SOLD OUT, 2024 presales open Dec 21) Oreo Double Blues— Ermine Ameraucana, White Legbar, Paint Easter Egger Mixed Hatching Eggs (1/2 dozen)



************This will be a new listing for Spring 2024! Pictures and updated information coming soon!!********

Double Blues are Crosshatch’s favorite homestead-bred cross. Unhappy with the depth of the blue tint from our early Ameraucana lines, we took everything we learned from crossing blue x brown to make exciting olive eggers and applied it to our next project. The goal? A rich blue to teal blue egg that breeds true blue— homogynous blue genes plus the hybrid vigor of healthy crosses. Our first generations brought about a silver partridge bird that was the size of a typical legbar, with amicable personalities and variable combs. Our current pairings are a mixed specialty and your double blue gene carriers can hatch splash, pure white legar, Ermine Ameraucana, or an experimental black and white ermine-type easter egger. We’ve been selecting for larger size and giant muffs and beards; phenotypes and feathering will be variable.

With this half dozen, you can expect rich blue to teal blue eggs registering about a C11 on the Ameraucana color chart, some with pea comb, some with floppy single comb, and likely slate gray legs. Crosshatch Farm’s Double Blues are a good foundation for your blue egg needs, including the foundation blue of your olive egger program if you place them under a dark brown pigmentation laying male such as a Black Copper Marans.

Double blue hatching eggs run on short wait lists May through August. I’ll contact you after your order to estimate your ship time, which could be within a few days or up to a few weeks. Please also see our policies page.


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