Later Gen Olive Eggers (F2-F?) Hatching Eggs (Half dozen)



Crosshatch Farm’s Later Generation Olive Eggers stem from an experimental bloom pen manned by Big Blue (the largest rooster you ever did see) and a variety of olive eggers laying speckled sage green, olive green, and deep gold kiwi-olive green. With the blue gene that Big Blue carries, you can expect future egg laying hens with blooms, speckles, and greens towards teals from this pen, with majority blue and splash feathering (though some black will come from those with predominate BCM lineage or the BBS).

This pen includes two sage green layers from Sky Girl Farm (third year birds) two splash pullets from Hansen Heritage (coming into lay this season, expecting speckled sage green layers with splash plumage), and a number of my own F2-F? olive layers bringing this deep, heavy bloom dark kiwi-olive that is difficult to describe without a hint of metallic on the palate.

This pen is commanded by Big Blue, an enormous blue rooster with a walnut comb that originated from Sky Girl Farm. He stands two hands above all other roosters and will bring some considerable size to this flock! This SP ‘23 project pen aims to put a great range of olives back under a blue-gene carrier, so you’ll expect to see the blue-green-teal-olive side of the rainbow with some really great blooms and speckles to mix things up.

In terms of feathering, some birds will be blue/black/splash (heavy on blue and splash) while some birds will have more black copper marans type and mixed cross feathering. A minority could have mohawks from their original cross with Legbar, but this pen is predominately made of marans and ameraucana lineage. We have no idea how Big Blue got so big, but we have seen his long legs and deep chest carry over to his offspring males, which are unmistakeable on our farm no matter the maternal genetics.

Genetically, just about anything can happen from this pen!

Hatching eggs are per half dozen.


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