sku: SB-Sp22-HBE

Rainbow Egger Mix— Heavy Bloom & Pigments Hatching Eggs (1/2 doz)



Called Sunset Blooms in 2022, our 2023 Rainbow Egger mix is a mixed half dozen pulling from some our most bloom-worthy and pigment-rich pens at Crosshatch Farm. In the hatching eggs mix, you can expect some combination of our deeply pigmented Black Copper Marans, speckled and golden-glowing Welsummer, first generation and later generation Olive Eggers, heavy bloom easter egger mixes, and our Pinks & Mauve crosses.

NOTE: Purple coppers (pure black copper marans from a heavy bloom line) run on waitlists. If you’re most interested in our purple coppers, watch our IG in June for stocking messages, or just start with this great array of pigments and blooms. Our Mauve eggs are very close to the purples, and this mix will give you the core genetics we work with across the Crosshatch Farm pens.

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