sku: wel-22

Speckled Welsummer Hatching Eggs (half dozen)



Our Welsummer line started with an SOP trio of beautiful birds, but their eggs had a surprising lack of the very speckles that first made us interested in them in the first place! We began adding genetics with outrageous speckling to our breeding pens (but with unknown adherence to the SOP) while culling our original rooster for temperament. As we develop our Welsummer line, we hatch only the most speckled eggs, and are growing out as many as we can! From the grow out pen we choose the birds with the best conformation to go back into the breeding pen.

We’re excited about the speckles we’re seeing this year!

Chicks are $16 each straight run, but if you want females chosen at hatch they will be $24.




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