About Us


We’re a small family-run homestead committed to food sovereignty and daily practices that keep our hands busy and our faces to Ohio’s changing seasons. We joined the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) in 2021 so we can share our rare breeds and heritage crosses with you.

Our program includes Black Copper Marans, white and BBS Ameraucana, Legbar, Deathlayer, Welsummer, and a variety of Olive Egger and Easter Egger crosses— some we’ve been working on for years!

Our Story

Brooke established ‘the redstead’ in 2012 in an 1842 homestead nested in the woods, where she could raise her three kids amidst creeks and native grapevine and all the chickens, dogs, rabbits, and parrots they could manage. Over 10 years of chicken keeping, the kids have grown up and colorful eggs have become a beloved part of our foodways, leading to more serious breeding aspirations and a few fine lines of rare breeds and heritage crosses. We’re particularly committed to our Black Copper Marans. We breed for SOP in our pure lines, egg color in our heritage crosses, and cull for temperament (even when it’s hard!). We’re mad for speckles and heavy blooms.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are our primary offering in Spring of 2022. We can ship 24 eggs (or four half dozen) with one flat rate shipping charge.

Day Old Chicks

Email us if you are interested in buying chicks instead of hatching eggs. We can often incubate a custom selection just for you.


Across our 8 main coops and our many grow out pens, we often have juvenile breeding stock cockerels and pullets near the point of lay.