We’re a small Ohio homestead offering rare breeds and heritage crosses.

From time to time, we feature fiber art & things we forage, ferment, and fabricate.

Breeding for Pigments & Bloom in SW Ohio!

Hello and welcome! Our program is based upon a closed line of Black Copper Marans that is selected for the SOP and a deep red and purple pigmentation in egg color. This line often throws a heavy bloom which appears purple, and is the foundation for all of our heritage crosses.

We also keep Ameraucana, Legbar, Orpington, and the American Bresse for the table. We’re happy to discuss what we’re selecting for in our standard-bred lines.

Experimental crosses for intense pigments and blooms (olives and mauves) are our specialty. Our crosses are named by breed, so you know exactly what you’re adding to your flock.

Our 2024 offerings feature a limited number of hatching eggs in early spring follwed by a full array of day old chicks, ducklings, and live quail— shipping weekly from ‘the heart of it all’ in Ohio, March through October.

We’re NPIP & AI clean. Please read our policies before ordering, you agree to them at the point of sale. Thanks for looking to us to better your rainbow egg basket, we appreciate you!

Pictured are ‘Purple Coppers,’ our heavy bloom line of Black Copper Marans (deep burgundy pigmentation with some heavy bloom purples), backcrossed olive eggers, backcrossed mauve bloom eggers, and mint speckled (het Celadon) Coturnix Quail eggs.
Pictured here are our ‘Purple Coppers’ heavy bloom line of Black Copper Marans and one backcrossed mauve egger (at my thumb, 9pm). We cull brown undertones and select for deep burgundy-red pigmentation & purple heavy bloom in our Marans line.