sku: SP24-OE-CH

Later Gen Olive Egger Chicks (F2-F?)


2024 Later Generation Olive Eggers are bred through olive egger x olive egger heritage cross pairings. Expect a full range of sage to olives with a good chance of speckles and blooms.


2024 Later Generation Olive Egger mix is a blend of later generation olive egger x olive egger heritage crosses. Expect a full range of sage to olives with a good chance of speckles and blooms. Given our pairings, there’s a chance of browns and barks, and a chance of blue-teal.

Our OE x OE crosses for Spring 24 come from two pens, one that will produce blue/black/splash plumage genetics with muffs and beards, and another designed to bring olives back under a blue gene that can produce white, blue, black, silver birchen, and who-knows-what plumage that our various olive egger hens are carrying.

Hens resulting from these pairings are the real wild cards of olive egger genetics here, and where a lot of the fun comes from! We recommend you choose specific breeds or crosses, then fill up the rest of your box with these later generation pairings. We’ve seen hens lay sage to olives to mauves with blooms and speckles.

Before ordering, please be sure to read our policies page. Hatching eggs purchased during Spring ’24 Pre Sales will receive a Paypal notification of your purchase immediately and an email from me ballparking your shipping date sometime in March as Spring forecasts come into focus. I confirm all chick shipments the day before shipment, and send tracking info on the day of, to be sure you’re ready to receive your new additions.


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