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White Legbar Chicks (STRAIGHT RUN)


White Legbar are a homestead favorite at Crosshatch. Elegant, docile, and dainty in size compared to our mainstay Black Copper Marans, hens will develop deep red wattles and combs and the trademark crest/mohawk as young pullets, eventually laying light, cloud blue medium size eggs. Males are generally quiet and easy to get along with, eventually growing full tails and a deep chest. Though they appear solid white (double recessive white on top of a gold barred base), White Legbar breed true and are autosexing as a pure line— and sexlinked when crossed to a solid male for olive eggers!


White Legbar are a homestead favorite here. Sweet, medium sized birds that are easily handleable from hatch forward– they are some of our most sweetly amicable birds through every developmental phase.  Pure white, hens will develop the trademark crest/mohawk as young pullets, eventually having a deep red comb and wattle while laying light cloud blue, medium sized eggs with no tint of green. They are content foraging or in the safe confinement of a coop and a run.

Sometimes misnamed a ‘sport’ version of the Legbar, White Legbar breed true and are a more rare double recessive version of the gold-barred Cream Legbar, carrying forward the autosexing feature found in its legbar heritage. That means that while they present as all white birds, their genetics underneath are a masked gold barring. White Legbar mated to other pure White Legbar will result in White Legbar offspring. White Legbar hens under a solid rooster (i.e. Black Copper Marans or Welsummer males) will result in sex-linked olive eggers.

Legbar are an autosexing breed that breeds true and yes, even White Legbar can be sexed at hatch. And they will create sexlinked olive eggers if the females are put under a solid male (i.e. Black Copper Marans, Welsummer). Males have a bright white dot on their head and a darker yellow down, but we notice that our females can also have slightly less noticeable white on their head too. Because I find this line harder to sex at hatch with reasonable certainty, we are only offering White Legbar as straight run chicks (both male and female) in Spring ’24. Please understand that I cannot choose all females for you at the time of shipping. Thanks!




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